Yoga Workshops & Courses

"We confuse spiritual life with religious life, which is altogether different. Spiritual life is one eye, religious life is the other eye. These two eyes do not see each other, but together they can see the world. Spirituality means connecting with what is auspicious, appropriate and good in life, by connecting with one’s own inner source of strength. A spiritual discipline indicates a way to improve the human personality." - Swami Niranjanananda

Various day and weekend workshops are held throughout the year and usually include asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, karma yoga and yoga philosophy. They are held in a relaxed atmosphere and shared lunches are a key part of any day. Student numbers are restricted so that individual attention and support may be given.


A FRYOG yoga teacher training class enjoying lunch

Swami Satvikananda at The Satyananda London Centre - Well Woman Yoga - Saturday 27th June 2015

This day will benefit both men and women teachers and women yogis who wish to further their knowledge of ‘Well Woman’ yoga.  The yoga is aimed specifically to encourage and maintain good health for women from menstruation to menopause and beyond, as well as helping those with existing female problems so it is suitable for women of all ages.  It will cover problematical menstrual cycles, infertility, fibroids, difficult menopause, stress incontinence and endometriosis.  Postures are geared to maximum health and of benefit to women at all stages and conditions of their life cycle.  Suitable diets are discussed and yogic breath taught to relieve stress and anxiety and to cool those hot flushes.

Please apply directly to The Satyananda London Centre 70 Thurleigh Road SW12 8UD -  0208 673 4869

Mantra & Sound & Mala Making on Saturday 11th July 2015 (£45)

This is open to both Teachers and Students and topics that will be covered are:
1. Asana – chanting the mantra of the asana whilst doing it, plus working with Bija mantras.
2.  Pranayama – the significance of mantra and benefits of sound in Pranayama.  Pranayama is the bridge that links asana and meditation.
3.  Meditation – chanting and the value of sound in Meditation.
4.  Mala Making - learning how to restring your Mala or making one from scratch with the correct knots in between and learning the correct way to use malas for meditation.

Booking essential - 12 places only. Once you have been accepted send a cheque made out to Swami Satvikananda for the full amount.

Shankhaprakshalana, Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana, Kunjal & Jala Neti on Saturday 19th September 2015 (£45)

This day is open to all Teachers and Trainee Teachers, Yogis and Yoginis. This is an important part of yoga practice but must never be done without guidance or without a teacher. The advice to yogis is to do this practice twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn.
If you are not known to Swami Satvikananda and have never done Shankhaprakshalana before then you will only be able to do the short practice of Lahgoo. You do need to make her aware of any medical conditions. If you wish to perform Shakaprakshalana then you must undertake to keep to the strict diet necessary for a month after the practice. No such diet is needed for the shorter practice of Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana.

The day will start at promptly 8.30am. You MUST NOT eat anything beforehand. The designated asanas will be performed plus Shankhaprakshalana or Laghoo. Afterwards students will have a short rest before completing the practice with Kunjal followed by Jala Neti. Another rest needs to follow before eating a bowl of kitcheree which will be provided. You DO NEED to talk to Swami Satvikananda before you can be accepted on the day so that she knows that you understand the commitment that you will be making to both the practice and the diet. The asanas that you need to perform are simple and you will be given a handout before you come to the day. A diet sheet will also be sent to you if you are doing the full Shankhaprakshalana. Please do not hesitate to phone  on the landline 01932 872587 if you have any questions that you need to ask about the day or the practice. You will be thoroughly looked after on the day, nurtured and taken care of. These are truly great practices to experience and you will feel wonderful, totally refreshed and invigorated after the practice. If you do not have a Jala Neti Lota and need to buy one on the day, (£15.00 nose buddy), then please make it known at the time of booking.

Booking essential - 10 places only.  Once you have been accepted send a cheque made out to Swami Satvikananda for the full amount.

Six Month Yoga Nidra Course for Teachers Only (Fees for this course will be announced shortly)

This course is for qualified yoga teachers from other schools of yoga who wish to teach the Satyananda Practice of Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is an ancient, important healing meditation and deep relaxation practice and it enables teachers from other schools of yoga to teach this wonderful Satyananda practice safely and with confidence. It comprises of one Saturday a month over six months and provisional dates for this course are :
5th September, 10th October & 14th November 2015 & then 23rd January, 20th February & 12th March 2016
Booking essential - 12 places only