Yoga Workshops & Courses

"We confuse spiritual life with religious life, which is altogether different. Spiritual life is one eye, religious life is the other eye. These two eyes do not see each other, but together they can see the world. Spirituality means connecting with what is auspicious, appropriate and good in life, by connecting with one’s own inner source of strength. A spiritual discipline indicates a way to improve the human personality." - Swami Niranjanananda

FRYOG Yoga Teacher Training Courses

A FRYOG yoga teacher training class enjoying lunch

The course consists of twenty Saturdays or Sundays of instruction over two years. A maximum of ten students are accepted so that individual attention and support may be given. The course includes asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and yoga philosophy.


You need to have been practising yoga for at least two years to apply. Please write for further details including a history of your yoga interest and why you wish to teach. Please include an A5 self addressed stamped envelope for a reply. An interview will be arranged for all applicants before they can be accepted.

The Course Tutor

The course tutor is Swami Satvikananda. She is a theory and practical assessor for the FRYOG Yoga Teacher Training Diploma and runs FRYOG Yoga Teacher Training Courses.